Randy Richard’s Bio

Richards, Randy Dean Professor of Biblical Studies

B.S., Texas Wesleyan College; M.Div. and Ph.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

While in graduate studies, Dr. Randy Richards served as a campus ministries director from 1983-1988, and as faculty of a state university from 1986-1988. Upon completing his Ph.D. in 1988, Dr. Richards, his wife, Stacia, and their two young sons were appointed as missionaries to a remote island in east Indonesia, where he served as a faculty member and consultant at an Indonesian seminary from 1988-1996.

In 1996, Dr. Richards was invited to join the faculty of Williams Baptist College where he served as the chair of the Department of Religion and Philosophy. In 1999, he joined Ouachita Baptist University as the chair of the Department of Missions. In 2006, he was invited to Palm Beach Atlantic University as the dean of the School of Ministry. Dr. Richards has written two major monographs: *The Secretary in the Letters of Paul*, and *Paul and First Century Letter Writing*; he has co-authored *The Story of Israel: a Biblical Theology *and *Rediscovering Paul: an Introduction to His Life and Work, *and has published dozens of articles. His most recent projects include *(Mis)Reading Scripture with Western Eyes*(with Brandon O’Brien), “Reading, Writing, and the Production and Transmission of Manuscripts” in *The Background of the New Testament: An Examination of the Context of Early Christianity,* “Will the Real Author Please Stand Up? The Author in Greco-Roman Letter Writing” in *Come Let Us Reason: New Essays in Christian Apologetics,* “Pauline Prescripts and Greco-Roman Epistolary Convention” in *Christian Origins and Classical Culture: Social and Literary Contexts for the New Testament,*“(Mis)Reading Paul’s Letters through Western Eyes” in *Paul as Missionary: His Identity, Activity, Theology and Practice, *and “Flattery, Favors and Obligations: Patrons and Clients in Greco-Roman Culture,” in *The Biblical Illustrator*. Dr. Richards is also preparing various articles for *The Baker Handbook for the Bible *and *The Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary.* Dr. Richards is the teaching pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in West Palm Beach; he conducts missionary training workshops and regularly leads student academic and mission trips.

Randy and Stacia have two sons: Josh (Ph.D., St. Andrews) is a half-time faculty member in the MacArthur School of Leadership, and Jacob is working on a Ph.D. in the College of Medicine at the University of Florida.

Contact Information Phone: (561) 803-2543 Email: RANDY_RICHARDS@pba.edu Office: Okeechobee Hall Schools: Ministry Campus: West Palm Beach